Dadaab camp

Kenya says security risk is forcing it to close massive refugee camp

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Imagine what it must be like to be born in a country that is not your own. To have ended up in a foreign land because of the actions of others and not by your own choice.

Imagine that you have lived all your life in a camp known as a “refugee camp” because your own home country, Somalia, has been embroiled in a civil war since 1992. Imagine you are a 24 year old woman, born in this camp, who has fallen in love with your husband and given birth to your first child in the camp. You are now pregnant with your second child. I cannot think of a time in my own life when I felt most in need of belonging, love and support than during the early years of starting my own family.

Now the only home you have known is the one you are being told you have to leave. You have lived in the largest refugee camp in the world, Dadaab in Kenya. More than 300,000 people live in this camp. This means that you would, as an asylum seeker, be forced to return to the situation your own parents fled 24 years ago.

Why? Because, as the Interior Minister of Kenya said, at a news conference in Nairobi on Wednesday, the 11th of May, “For reasons of pressing national security that speak to the safety of Kenyans in a context of terrorist and criminal activities, the government of the Republic of Kenya has commenced the exercise of closing Dadaab refugee complex.”

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