Kevin O’Leary: a vote for me is a vote for abortion and the LGBT

Kevin O’Leary: a vote for me is a vote for abortion and the LGBT

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At Monday’s debate for Conservative Party leadership candidates, frontrunner Kevin O’Leary declared that there would be no room for social conservative values if he won the election.

Not a party member until he began his run, O’Leary responded to a question from the floor about his conservatism by emphasizing the need to appeal to the young voter. Only liberal positions on social issues would do this, he said. Then he offered his views in a manner expressing impatience with the issues and with social conservatives.

“So LGBTQI done, marijuana done, reproductive rights 100 percent. Get used to it, that is the definition of the Conservative Party of Canada going forward,” O’Leary said.

“Half the people booed him. And not just for the values he expressed. But for telling us, ‘I’ll decide how things will go now.’ People felt, ‘Who the hell are you?’” event organizer and Pierrefonds-Dollard riding president Frank Dumas told LifeSiteNews.

O’Leary went into the Montreal debate with the support of 31 percent of Conservative members, twice that of his nearest rival. A Globe and Mail story published just before the debate that listed his weak points did not mention his liberal social values. The big problem, it said, was his inability to speak French.

This article continues at [LifeSiteNews] Kevin O’Leary pledges to back LGBTQ and abortion: ‘100 percent. Get used to it.’

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