Knights of Columbus' new goal: to save one million unborn babies

Knights of Columbus’ new goal: to save one million unborn babies

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An international Catholic charitable organization has announced a goal of saving 1 million unborn babies by expanding its ultrasound program.

“We know from experience that a woman who sees an ultrasound image of her child is highly likely to keep her baby,” Carl Anderson, CEO of the Knights of Columbus, said at the organization’s 135th international convention in St. Louis on Aug. 1-3.

In 2009, the Knights of Columbus began working with the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council in New Haven, Connecticut, to pay for 829 ultrasound machines for pregnancy centers or in mobile medical units.

Since 2009, Anderson says the program has saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

When the ultrasound program gets to its 10th anniversary in 2019, Anderson hopes to have 1,000 machines in service.

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