Kruszelnicki: Lib/NDP treatment of Conservative chairwoman ‘appalling’

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I am an atheist and a humanist. I lean left on most political and fiscal issues. But when Liberal and NDP MPs stormed out of a meeting of the Committee on the Status of Women in protest of the appointment of a pro-life woman as its chair, I was appalled.

It is bad enough that both the Liberal and NDP parties have barred progressive Canadians from running as their candidates if they disagree with the legal status quo of abortion on demand through all nine months. But now the Liberals want to micro-manage even the voices of the Opposition? Parliament’s rules dictate that the chair of this committee be appointed by the leader of the Opposition. That ought to mean at least one voice that the Liberals do not have the right to control.

“The Liberal members of the committee cannot support the Opposition putting forward someone like Rachael Harder, whose voting record is opposed to where women stand,” declared Liberal MP and committee vice-chair Pam Damoff, when she led the September 26th walkout.  

Now the Liberals want to micromanage even the voices of the Opposition?

In fact, it is the Liberal and NDP’s absolute support of abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy that is “opposed to where (most) women stand,” to paraphrase Damoff.

Although several polls suggest Canadians aren’t itching to re-open the abortion debate, some of those same polls reveal that most Canadians mistakenly believe abortion is already restricted to the first trimester. When asked more precise questions, the majority of Canadians take issue with Canada’s complete lack of legal restrictions. According to a 2011 Abacus Data poll, 59 per cent believe that human life should be legally protected in some way before birth. Sixty per cent are in favour of restricting abortion to only the first and second trimesters, according to a June 2012 Ipsos-Reid survey. And a 2013 Environics poll indicated 65 per cent of Canadians think abortion should be illegal by the third trimester.  

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