[Lamb] Dear Amazon: I defend your right to make dumb decisions like delisting the ADF

[Lamb] Dear Amazon: I defend your right to make dumb decisions like delisting the ADF

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[Daily Caller] Amazon has recently yanked Alliance Defending Freedom from its approved list of charities that are allowed to participate in the AmazonSmile program. As a private corporation, Amazon should be allowed to decide who is allowed to use its services and who does not — which, ironically, is one of the positions ADF has taken that has gotten it booted from the program.

VIDEO: Fox News interviews Kristen Waggoner, spokesperson for the Alliance Defending Freedom, about Amazon’s recent decision to delist the organization from its charitable benefits program.

Amazon uses the Southern Poverty Law Center to help it vet charities, even though the Department of Defense and the FBI have stopped relying on the SPLC. For the record, Students for Life often ends up on SPLC’s weekly Anti-LGBT Roundup of Events because we speak on Tony Perkins’ radio show. Perkins and the Family Research Council, you may remember, were targeted by a shooter who was a fan of the SPLC.

One reason the SPLC lists ADF as a hate group is because, ADF “works to develop “religious liberty” legislation and case law that will allow the denial of goods and services to LGBT people on the basis of religion.” But wait, isn’t that similar to what Amazon is doing? Denying the donation service of AmazonSmile to a group based on a philosophical disagreement with the group?

And in fact, what is the philosophy and mission of Alliance Defending Freedom? At its core, it’s the protection of religious liberty and free-speech. My experience with ADF has been one of an organization that fights to protect the rights of students and organizations.

When I worked for Turning Point USA, it was Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys that frequently provided us advice on how to challenge unconstitutional free-speech zones on campus and push back against discrimination. I know it’s fashionable these days to say that promoting free-markets and limited government are hateful, but proof by assertion isn’t strong proof.

This article continues at [Daily Caller] The Organization I’d Like Amazon To Know About: Alliance Defending Freedom

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  1. ADF, now headed up by our good friend, Michael Farris, has done as much as any organization to defend freedom. They’ve taken on the tough cases, and done yeoman’s service to protect the rights of conservatives in the public arena. One only has to watch the credits in the films “God’s Not Dead” series to see just a few of the cases they have defended. While Amazon may have the right to deny privileges, it is revealing as to what their mindset is with respect to conservative values. Buy accordingly!

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