[Lawton] Just pretty and privileged: Gender prof condemns JCCF's new-hire Lindsey Shepherd

[Lawton] Just pretty and privileged: Gender prof condemns JCCF’s new-hire Lindsey Shepherd

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[PostMillenial] First, it was her views. Now, her gender?

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has just hired Lindsay Shepherd as its first-ever campus free speech fellow—a role whose importance we’re reminded of every time a professor opens his, her or, erm, xir mouth.

VIDEO: [True North YT Channel] Andrew Lawton interviews Lindsay Sheperd to detail a lawsuit filed by the original Wilfred Laurier disciplinary meeting participants essentially claiming that she is af fault for recording their defamatory statements. [Jan 17, 2019]

Case in point: MacEwan University professor Kristopher Wells said in response to the JCCF’s announcement that Shepherd was only hired because of her “young white female face.”

Wells, when searched on Google reveals a middle-aged, white, male face, seems to imply Shepherd somehow manages to be both incompetent—just a pretty face—and fiercely dangerous.

“A young white female face—that draws a lot of attention, has a lot of privilege that many other people don’t have, to continue to spout particularly this anti-trans ideology that does great harm and damage to some of the most vulnerable members of our society,” Wells said in a Star Edmonton interview.

I don’t buy into the idea of defining people based on their superficial identity groups, but people like Wells do. Yet he’s oblivious to the absurdity of he, a white male with a doctorate, calling out anyone else for “privilege.” According to the progressive playbook, he’s at the top of the privilege pyramid.

In an interview last year with Mark Steyn, Shepherd, who writes for the Post Millennial, said she’s aware her telegenic air may have contributed to her case garnering as much as exposure as it did.

Even if that’s true, it doesn’t take away from her deservingness of a role allowing her to be a continuing advocate for free speech.

This article continues at [PostMillenial] Lindsay Shepherd successful because she’s a “young white female face”: professor

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