Let the light shine, says Edmonton pro-life group that's suing council

Let the light shine, says Edmonton pro-life group that’s suing council

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[Edmonton Journal] An Edmonton anti-abortion group is suing the city after they say their application to light up the High Level Bridge in colours associated with pro-life activism was approved and then subsequently cancelled by city officials.

VIDEO: [TFP Student Action] Interesting video synopsis showing pro-choice students at George Washington University mobilizing to verbally assault a small group of pro-life demonstrators. [Oct. 7, 2019]

On behalf of the pro-life Alberta March for Life Association (AMLA), the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms filed a lawsuit against the City of Edmonton on Friday. The suit claims that an application by AMLA’s vice-chairman Jerry Pasternak requesting the city light the bridge pink, blue and white on the day of the organization’s anti-abortion march was approved by a city official on March 7, 2019, then rescinded the following day.

The suit alleges the city cancelled the application “due to the polarizing nature of the subject matter.” The court document goes on to argue the city’s decision to rescind approval for the lighting violates the AMLA’s freedom of expression.

The AMLA say it’s the second time this has happened, with a similar event taking place when the pro-life group applied to have the bridge lit up for their 2017 march.

Through their ‘Light the Bridge’ program, the city lights up the High Level Bridge every day, usually corresponding to a special event. For instance, last Wednesday the bridge was lit in orange and blue to commemorate the Edmonton Oilers home opener.

This article continues at [Edmonton Journal] Edmonton anti-abortion group sues city over High Level Bridge lighting

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