[Lindsay Shepherd] Alberta progressives smearing UCP candidate with New Zealand shootings

[Lindsay Shepherd] Alberta progressives smearing UCP candidate with New Zealand shootings

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The Post Millennial editorial board stands in solidarity with the victims of the Christchurch attack and against hate in all its forms.

[The Post Millenial] On Monday evening, PressProgress released a report containing leaked messages written by the United Conservative Party’s Calgary-Mountain View candidate, Caylan Ford.

Dear Albertans and Calgary-South East,I've had to wrestle with this for a while, but I decided I am going to speak up and communicate openly. This video was filmed in my living room and yes, I am reading off a script, but these words are from my heart. Someone outside of our party, has been threatening to smear me, and I have had enough of the bullies and the threats. This is who I am and I will keep speaking up–for myself and for Albertans. This video, done by me, will serve as my statement.I do not want this to take away from the election or my fellow United Conservative Party candidates, so I have decided to resign. I have had long discussions about this with the party and though I care deeply about my riding and I want to represent Calgary-South East in the Legislature, this is what is best for the party and ultimately, for Alberta. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to my team and to Calgary-South East for all your support. Hopefully we can move past this, stop the ad hominem attacks and get back to what matters for our province and its future. Let's stop the name calling. Let's talk about jobs. Do you want a government that digs into your past? Or one that enables your future? #fightbackforAB #fightforjobs #ABstrongandFREE +

Posted by Eva Kiryakos for Calgary-South East on Sunday, March 24, 2019

VIDEO: UCP Candidate Eva Kiryakos, a child refugee from Iraq, posts this video testimony claiming she was bulled and blackmailed to resign. [Mar. 24, 2019]

PressProgress is a media project run by the left-leaning Broadbent Institute, a think tank founded by former federal NDP leader Ed Broadbent. Notably, PressProgress does not list or name any of the journalists working for them, and the authors of their articles are a mystery.

Caylan Ford’s private Facebook Messenger messages, leaked to PressProgress by a “long-time Muslim conservative” who requested to remain anonymous, were written back in August 2017. The messages consisted of Ford’s thoughts about Islamic terrorism, white supremacist terrorism, Western culture, and demographic diversity.

In one string of messages, Ford wrote that when terrorist attacks are committed by Islamists, public denunciations “are mingled with breathless assurances that they do not represent Islam, that Islam is a religion of peace, etc…we ask ourselves in earnest what radicalized these people, how can they be directed toward more productive and healthy paths within their faith, etc.”

But when it comes to white supremacist terrorism, Ford wrote “attempts to understand the source of their radicalization or their perverse moral reasoning is beyond the pale. And anyone who shares even some of their views (e.g. wanting strong borders and immigration control), while rejecting the more odious aspects, is painted with the same brush.”

As it happens, Slate published an article on Monday titled “The Christchurch Shootings Should Implicate All White Australians”, where it is argued that the entirety of Australia’s white population is implicated in the deaths of 51 Muslims who were killed by the Christchurch mosque shooter.

This article continues at [The Post Millenial] SHEPHERD: Progressives used the New Zealand tragedy for a political hit job on a UCP candidate

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