Maddi Runkles's teen pregnancy sparks national conversation on shaming

Maddi Runkles’s teen pregnancy sparks national conversation on shaming

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CBN News spoke with Maddi Runkles, the young woman who has been banned from her high school graduation, about her story. Watch that interview above.

A pregnant high school senior is speaking out to CBN News about her Christian school’s controversial decision to ban her from graduation next week.

Maddi Runkles says she didn’t want her story to become a negative national news story, but now that it has, it’s created a national conversation that needs to be had.

She agrees there should be consequences for her sin, and she was disciplined months ago for what she did.

“I was punished immediately when my school found out, which I knew was going to happen, and I accepted that. I knew that I had consequences because I had broken a rule: No sexual immorality,” Runkles tells CBN News.

But now that she has also been barred from participating in her own graduation, she feels her punishment has been disproportionate and could even push other pregnant teens to consider abortion to avoid such “harsh” treatment.

“I feel like it’s just because people can see what I’ve done and they don’t want to have that there on the night of graduation because they think it will look bad or hurt their reputation to have a pregnant girl walk across the stage,” she says.

Heritage Academy in Maryland is defending its decision to bar Runkles from her graduation ceremony.

School administrator David Hobbs wrote a letter to the Heritage family saying the school is disciplining the student “not because she’s pregnant but because she was immoral.”

The academy has a strict conduct code that forbids sexual immorality as well as the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs.

A New York Times profile on Runkles last week drew national attention to her situation and ultimately led Hobbs to write publicly about the board’s decision.

This article continues at [CBN News] ‘Christians Shaming the Pregnant Girl’: Does School’s Graduation Ban Promote Abortion?

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