[Maistrovoy] Perverse hierarchy of identity politics victimhood allows Islamic theocracy to flourish

[Maistrovoy] Perverse hierarchy of identity politics victimhood allows Islamic theocracy to flourish

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[Israel National News] In the fall of 2015, a rather curious incident took place in the Knesset. A leader of the Arab party (Balad), Jamal Zahalka furiously attacked the Left. “You won’t even greet me. You are racist! …  The far right is amicable at least: they say hello and smile at you. Everyone in the Labor party is a racist. You’ve invented racism!”

VIDEO: [Fox News] Tucker Carlson interviews Heather Macdonald on input now taking precedence over output as identity politics moves in on the hard sciences. [Jun. 13, 2018]

The Left has conveniently forgotten the incident, but they knew exactly what Zahalka meant. Genuine ideological racism transformed long ago and concurrently into the left’s worldview and prerogative.

Democratic ideals, social justice and tolerance don’t rule the world anymore. The new ideology – a successor of failed totalitarian ideologies of the past century – governs the soul of the West, and it’s called Identity Politics.

The product of a vicious love of Red and Brown dogmas, it is pseudo-scientific and it divides people into racial-class categories with a rigid hierarchy.

  • The white Christians and Jews – exploiters a priori, the embodiment of financial manipulation and conspiracy – are at the lower level of the social pyramid.
  • Above them, the second level of this hierarchy is occupied by people with various pathologies (homosexuals, transgenders, disabled) and women, who by default belong to the oppressed class. They resemble gigantic peasant masses in the writings of Marxists: deprived, but hardly aware of their own unhappiness due to the absence of “Class Consciousness”.
  • “Proletarian masses” represented by the Third World (from Venezuela to Bangladesh) and suppressed by White imperialism, are positioned above them in the third level.
  • The top of the social pyramid is occupied by the vanguard of the “global progressive forces” (like the Communist party or National Socialist German Workers’ party) – embodied by Black American organizations, Palestinians and various Islamist groups.

A human being, as a thinker who is responsible for his own destiny and the fate of others, has no place in this scheme. Instead, there are faceless groups of “beneficial insects” and “harmful insects” (a precise copy of Marxist theory). The former deserve all the support, the latter should be expelled and persecuted in every possible way.

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