A sign marks the entrance to a gender neutral restroom at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vt.

Maryland SD resists letting transgendered boys bunk with girls

The State
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Anne Arundel County officials are pushing back over a Maryland school district policy that prohibits schools from notifying parents if their daughters are sleeping in the same area with transgender males on overnight field trips.

County Executive Steven R. Schuh sent a letter on Wednesday to Anne Arundel Board of Education President Stacy Korbelak asking her to reconsider the policy.

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our concerns regarding the manner in which the Board of Education is implementing its non-discrimination policy as it applies to gender identity and transgender students,” Mr. Schuh, writing with education officer Amalie E. Brandenburg, said in the letter on Wednesday.

Mr. Schuh drew a distinction between “reasonable” and “extreme” accommodations for students facing “special challenges.”

On the “extreme” end, he listed “sleeping in overnight field-trip sleeping arrangements that do not comport with a person’s biological gender, participating on single-sex athletic teams that do not comport with a person’s biological gender, and using public, single-sex bathrooms or locker rooms that do not comport with a person’s biological gender.”

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