Massive new abortuaries are PP’s answer to declining abortion totals

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Planned Parenthood is almost ready to open an abortion mega-clinic in New Orleans this summer, despite pro-life efforts to stop it.

The abortion business’s CEO Cecile Richards was in Louisiana on Wednesday to celebrate the finished new abortion facility, ABC affiliate KATC 3 reports.

Richards said she expects the state will not be able to stop them from receiving a license to do abortions, just as they failed to stop them from building the huge, new abortion center.

The facility is expected to accommodate 12,000 patients a year, double what the abortion business currently does in the city, Richards said. Planned Parenthood hopes to open next month, according to the report.

Abortion is “a legal medical service, not only in the country, but even in the state of Louisiana,” Richards said. “And it’s really important that women can get the full spectrum of reproductive health care services.”

This article continues at [Life News] Planned Parenthood to Open New Orleans Clinic: “It’s Really Important” for Women to Abort

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