[McClain] Abortion, divorce, gender: Unholy trinity of sexual revolution destroying lives

[McClain] Abortion, divorce, gender: Unholy trinity of sexual revolution destroying lives

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[NC Register] I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the Ruth Institute’s founder, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse. Dr. Morse was in the DC area for some speaking engagements related to the launch of her new book The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives, and Why the Church Was Right All Along (TAN Books). Dr. Morse is a seasoned economist, writer, speaker and champion of the Catholic Church’s teachings on human sexuality, chastity, marriage, the family and children’s rights.

VIDEO: [TICenter] An Interview with Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse. [May 7, 2013]

1) Please tell us a little about yourself and your faith journey.

I’m a cradle Catholic, with a pre-Vatican II upbringing. I left the faith in the 70s, got married, got divorced by the time I was 24, and was sure that I would never have anything to do with the Catholic faith again. I taught at Yale for five years, and then at George Mason University. I got married again, and figured that I would get pregnant once I got tenure. Well, I didn’t get pregnant during the month that I had set aside for it. The infertility crisis brought me back to the Catholic faith. I realized (finally!) that I couldn’t get everything that I wanted.

I “found myself” in the back of the church at Mass, sobbing during the consecration. I “found myself” kneeling at the statue of Mary, asking for her help. I realize now, of course, that this was all divine grace, and I didn’t really “find myself” anyplace. God had led me there. We resolved our infertility crisis by adopting a 2-year-old boy from a Romanian orphanage. He had been profoundly neglected, and could not even utter his own name. My husband and I did not really know what normal child development looked like. Six months later, our daughter was born, and we watched her developing. It was then that we realized, looking at how children were disregarded in the countries that had experienced Communism, how much children need their two parents. They can’t just be put aside like potted plants; they need the support of their mother and father.

2) How has economics given you particular insights into the Sexual Revolution?

As an economist, I am used to looking at numbers. If you tell me about a study, I am going to look at the study and form my own conclusions. Also, economists are trained to follow patterns of cause and effect. The price of eggs has an impact on farmers, on the consumer, on restaurants and other businesses, on so many things. So, my economics training had me primed and ready to follow the ideas of the Sexual Revolution through all their impacts on all sorts of aspects of society. The negative impact of just a handful of ideas points to the fact that these ideologies were really lies at their core.

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