People attend a vigil for a gorilla outside the Cincinnati Zoo, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Megachurch pastor on gorilla’s death: Have American lost their minds?

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Megachurch pastor Perry Noble is fed up with America’s reaction to Harambe the gorilla—namely, that hundreds of thousands are enraged an animal had to die for a child to live.  

The NewSpring pastor does not beat around the bush when addressing the more than 300,000 who called for #JusticeForHarambe.  

I wonder if the same 300,000 people have been equally bothered by Christians being beheaded/tortured in the Middle East?
I wonder if the same 300,000 people were as upset when all of the dirt was exposed on planned parenthood?
I wonder if the same 300,000 people were as upset when Dr. Kermitt Gosnell murdered a child after a botched abortion?
I feel bad for the gorilla…but…I would argue that human life simply has more value.
The Bible states in Genesis 1:27 that God made man and woman (and no other creature) in His own image.
Psalm 139 talks about how we were custom designed by the hands of our Creator. 

The sentiments sound eerily familiar, as similar thoughts circulated when a dentist hunted and killed an African lion named Cecil.  

The shooter, Walter Palmer, was stalked and harassed, unable to leave his home.  

This article continues at [Charisma News] Megachurch Pastor Over Gorilla’s Death: Americans Have Lost Their Minds

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