Metaxas: Hillary Clinton is THE enemy of Religious Liberty in America

Metaxas: Hillary Clinton is THE enemy of Religious Liberty in America

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I very much agree with Eric Metaxas’ post on his blog today on the dangerous foolishness of far too many Christians regarding the Clinton vs Trump presidential race. 

Metaxas writes, “You have been warned, folks… Hillary Clinton is THE enemy of Religious Liberty in America. If that doesn’t scare you, you don’t understand this issue. This is SERIOUS, and these are HER words.”

Metaxas includes a link to a Washington Post article confirming his warning. In his crucial, must-read, Oct. 12 Wall Street Journal article, “Should Christians vote for Trump?”, Mataxas wrote, “We’re living in strange times. America is in trouble.” The article is sub-titled, “Trump’s behavior is odious, but Clinton has a deplorable basketful of deal breakers.” That is, normal decision-making considerations have got to change this one time because of the dire situation we face.

The international, Mafia-like record and behaviour of Clinton, much of which we have reported on LifeSite in relation to our issues, and far more that is now being revealed in on-going Wikileaks releases, should cause all Christians to focus on the impending dangers to our rights, freedoms and even lives from a Clinton presidency. 

And yet, far too many Christians appear to be believing the not believable, panicking media, in the face of a possible historic political, social and religious national suicide. They have fallen into the trap of almost entirely focusing on their personal disgust for the character of Donald Trump, rather than the vastly more important matter of the massive ISSUES at stake in this election – regardless of party affiliation.

This article continues at [LifeSiteNews] Christians dangerously falling into Democrats’ trap of focusing on personalities instead of issues

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