Morgan berates Robinson for displaying a Quran on British television

Morgan berates Robinson for displaying a Quran on British television

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Presenter Piers Morgan demanded controversial activist Tommy Robinson “show some respect” and not show a Quran on television, labelling him an “Islamophobe” and repeatedly shouting “put it down” when Robinson displayed the book on camera.

The two met in a heated 20-minute clash on ITV’s Good Morning Britain programme, the day after the Finsbury Park terror attack, in which a white man killed one Muslim and injured several more.

At one point, Mr. Robinson held up a copy of the Quran, calling it a “violent and cursed book” and quoting Liberal Prime Minister Sir. William Gladstone – “of whom we have statues across our capital city” – who once said: “So long as there is this book, there will be no peace in the world.”

Tommy Robinson holding the book on screen seemed to agitate Morgan, who repeatedly shouted over the Good Morning Britain guest to tell him to stop handling the Quran. He said:  “put that book down a minute. Show some damn respect for people’s religious beliefs, right? Just put it down. Put it down!”

Mr. Morgan told him: “You’re sounding like a bigoted lunatic. You’re stirring up hatred.”

“What you’re doing now is deliberately inflammatory. You’re stirring up hatred. You are abusing people’s religion. You are abusing their faith.”

With his actions, Mr. Morgan was accused online of enforcing an informal “blasphemy code”. Mr. Robinson later tweeted: “I was called a ‘bigoted lunatic’ by [Piers Morgan] for repeating our greatest… PMs Gladstone and Churchill views on Islam. Let that sink in.”

This article continues at [Breitbart] ‘Put It Down!’ Piers Morgan Tells Tommy Robinson Holding the Quran Is ‘Inflammatory’

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