Mormons mass membership exodus effectively neuters 'Scouts of America.' Good riddance.

[Knight] Mormons mass membership exodus effectively neuters ‘Scouts of America.’ Good riddance.

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[Washington Times] It’s official. The Mormons have finally figured out that they can’t do business with the devil. Bully for them.

More specifically, the Salt Lake City-based denomination is flipping off the demonic forces assigned by Beelzebub to wage war on God’s creation of male and female.

VIDEO: [Conservative Tribune] Boy Scouts lose 20% of its scouts one week after announcing name change

That’s where the minions of Hell have been concentrating their firepower in recent years. It’s not for nothing that we’ve been told, over and over, that male-female differences are irrelevant and reality is entirely subjective.

But, be of good cheer. Resistance to the cultural insanity is growing. Last Tuesday, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints announced a parting of the ways with what used to be the Boy Scouts of America before it evolved into the Geldings of America, with its homosexual leaders, transgender members, real girls and a name change to rid itself of the dreaded word “Boy.”

The Mormons have tried to look the other way since 2013, when the Scouts permitted boys sexually attracted to males to become members. But it just got worse. The Scouts’ century-old moral code, itself derived from biblical morality, was pummeled from within and without. The coup de grace was ordered by liberal corporate donors and performed by quisling BSA board members. I bet none of them can tie a decent knot, but they sure can sabotage a great American institution.

Well, as noted, the Mormons have had enough. Last year, the LDS pulled 185,000 boys aged 14 to 18 out of the Scouts. When the remaining 425,000 boys depart for Mormon youth organizations, it will represent a nearly 20 percent decline in Scout membership, which is now at 2.3 million and falling from a high of 4 million back in the 1960s.

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