New videos stir pro-life legislators to renew movement to de-fund PP

New videos stir pro-life legislators to renew movement to de-fund PP

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A dozen members of Congress say Live Action’s latest investigation shows why Planned Parenthood must be defunded.

Live Action’s newest investigative series, titled “Abortion Corporation,” highlights Planned Parenthood’s unwillingness to provide basic women’s health services. In addition to undercover footage, it features interviews with former Planned Parenthood managers explaining the company’s abortion-centered agenda. 

At a press conference Thursday, Rep. Diane Black, R-TN said the videos show there is an “urgent need to invest in women’s healthcare over abortion by defunding Planned Parenthood.” Black has been a nurse for 40 years. 

“As we see in these investigative videos recorded by Live Action, Planned Parenthood is not about preventative healthcare,” Black continued. “This is an abortion enterprise.”

“In one video, we see 92 separate Planned Parenthood clinics turning away women who are searching for prenatal care while a separate video shows 65 Planned Parenthood centers refusing pregnant women the opportunity to view an ultrasound,” said Black.

Live Action President and Founder Lila Rose said Planned Parenthood uses ultrasounds “as a weapon” for the “search and destroy mission that is abortion.” Only three of 68 of the Planned Parenthoods at which Live Action investigators sought ultrasounds were able to do them separately from abortions.

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