Nigerian Christians beggingTrump to help them against Jihadi murderers

Nigerian Christians begging Trump to help them against Jihadi murderers

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[Breitbart News] Christians in predominantly Muslim northern Nigeria sent an open letter to President Donald Trump on Thursday urging the United States to help persecuted Christians defend themselves from jihadist attacks in the country, typically at the hand of the Fulani herdsman that populate north-central Nigeria.

VIDEO: [IPOB USA] Trump on terrorism and persecuted Christians in Nigeria. [May 24, 2019]

Voice of Northern Christian Movement in Nigeria (VNCMN), a Christian advocacy group, argued that Christians have become a growing target of attacks since the election of President Muhammadu Buhari, himself a Fulani Muslim, in 2015. Buhari was re-elected for a second term this year.

Buhari’s government has repeatedly claimed it has ended a separate jihadist threat – the Islamic State affiliated group Boko Haram, operating in northeast Nigeria – though Nigerian Christians also refute this claim, citing waves of abductions and village raids in Borno and Adamawa states. Following Boko Haram attacks, Buhari officials now claim that those jihadists are not actually Boko Haram, but the “Islamic State -West Africa.” Boko Haram renamed itself “Islamic State West Africa Province” (ISWAP) in 2015, but now Buhari says that the two are separate groups.

Unlike Boko Haram, which has long claimed its goal the imposition of a Sunni sharia state in Nigeria and eradication of Western education, Fulani herdsman first began to engage in conflict with Christians because the latter were predominantly farmers and the herdsman wanted to use their land for their cattle. In recent years, however, the Fulani herdsman have gone on a campaign to eliminate Christians entirely, one that those affected have referred to as genocide. Fulani herdsman commonly target schools, churches, and private homes with no clear relation to farming, disproving the claims that their attacks are based merely on territorial disputes.

Last month, Fulani terrorists kidnapped 17 Christians during a church choir practice and attacked a Baptist church in Kaduna state, storming into the church and shooting the believers congregated. In a separate attack in late May, locals say Fulani terrorists burned down 20 Christian homes and killed 20 locals in the region.

By mid-2018, the Fulani had killed more people than Boko Haram that year. Some Fulani massacres have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people.

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