No climate emergency here: Calgary's municipal politicians unlikely to copy Edmonton's vote

No climate emergency here: Calgary’s municipal politicians unlikely to copy Edmonton’s vote

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[Calgary Herald] Calgary councillors aren’t eager to follow in the footsteps of two other Alberta municipalities in formally declaring a climate emergency.

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Early last week, Canmore town council voted unanimously to declare a state of climate emergency, recognizing the serious global effects resulting from climate change. Edmonton council also voted in favour of the declaration as part of its urgent response to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

When asked if there was interest in making a similar declaration in Calgary, Coun. Sean Chu laughed before saying there was no way he would let it happen.

“No way whatsoever. Over my dead body,” said Chu.

He called the move “pea-cocking” and said it worries people more than a municipal government should.

Coun. Ward Sutherland said he hasn’t heard anything from his fellow councillors on the topic.

“From my perspective, I think it’s overly dramatic and I certainly would not favour it,” said Sutherland. “The rationale behind that is simple, we do have an environmental policy that is one of the strongest ones in Canada, and we’ve been moving forward with many initiatives.”

This article continues at [Calgary Herald] Over my dead body:’ No interest at Clgary City Council in climate emergency

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