Noted psychiatrist confesses his firm belief in demonic possession

The Faith
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Although many scientists say demonic possession is a myth, one psychiatrist says it is very real and may be on the rise. 

Dr. Richard Gallagher is a leading psychiatrists and professor of clinical psychiatry at New York Medical College. Unlike most of his colleagues in the scientific arena, he believes there is a spiritual world with a very dark side that goes beyond just our physical world.

Gallagher’s work with the demonic world began decades ago when he had one client who was a self-proclaimed witch.

“She called herself a witch and dressed the part, with flowing dark clothes and black eye shadow around to her temples,” Gallagher describes in an article in The Washington Post.

As a man of science, he was skeptical about her claims until he experienced the unexplainable. 

This article continues at [CBN] Top Psychiatrist: Demonic Possession Is Very Real and On the Rise

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