Obama denounced for his refusal to name ISIS in Orlando attack

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“It’s infuriating and outrageous,” the American Center for Law and Justice’s (ACLJ) Harry G. Hutchison insisted. “It would be laughable if so many lives and our national security weren’t on the line.”

The ACLJ is quick to point out that the White House has done everything in its power to avoid calling jihadist attacks against Americans and other non-Muslims around the world Islamic terrorism — especially in the wake of the mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., late last year, and this month’s massacre carried out by “ISIS fighter” Omar Mateen, who was recognized as such by the Islamic State terrorist group.

“If you listen to the Obama administration, then American leaders and citizens urging them to name our enemy as radical jihadists offer nothing but empty rhetoric and talking points,” Hutchison argued. “Recently, the American people have been treated to a disturbing spectacle as both the president and his press secretary have heaped ridicule on the idea that clearly identifying America’s enemies is helpful in winning the war against Islamic terrorist groups, who have so clearly declared war on us.”

False assurances to the American public coming out of the Oval Office have reportedly been issued to keep those worried about the United States’ vulnerability to another Islamic terrorist attack at bay.

“Apparently, uninformed by history, the Obama Administration continues to claim that it has implemented a strategy that puts increasing pressure on ISIS and as a consequence, the country is now safer because the Islamic State is in retreat,” the legal expert mused. “Such claims, which are widely contradicted by evidence on the ground, are reinforced by the president’s consistent failure to understand the legitimate fears of the American people — as well as the lessons of history.”

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