One man’s stand: Trump may be partly conservative, Hillary not at all

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At this point, I am not going to announce support for Donald Trump, though I am not #NeverTrump and am emphatically #NeverHillary.

To restate my position without social media lingo, I would never vote for Hillary Clinton and, though I am right now uncomfortable with endorsing Trump, I anticipate — but don’t guarantee — that I’ll eventually hold my nose and vote for him.

You would be correct to challenge me on the consistency of my position. That is, if I say I am #NeverHillary, that could mean I would never vote for her, but it also could mean that I wouldn’t knowingly do anything that would help her win the election. Contrary to arguments of many I respect, I do believe that when there are only two people running who could possibly win, not voting for Trump would be, to whatever extent, helping Clinton. My conscience wouldn’t like that.

For me, the decision of whether to support Trump is more complicated than merely saying that it is a certainty that Clinton would be a disaster and there’s a chance Trump wouldn’t be.

True, there is no question that Clinton would be utterly disastrous, but if the country weren’t already in such dire straits that Clinton could finish President Obama’s devilish work in fundamentally transforming America in just four more years, I would feel far more inclined to oppose Trump.

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