Opening special under the new CA law: $2,000 to get yourself put down

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The California media are atwitter with my state’s new assisted suicide law. And they are touting a death doctor named Lonny Shavelson who is opening a practice in suicide prescribing–for only $2000, if one decided to obtain the prescription.

Shavelson is a coward who once witnessed the murder of a disabled man by a Hemlock Society zealot and did nothing.  Media misses that entirely.

But here’s the point. Shavelson has been a part time or contract ER doctor for his medical career. He is not a specialist in cancer, ALS, or other terminal conditions.

Would anyone in their right minds go to an ER doctor to treat his cancer, palliate pain or symptoms, or determine a proper medical course for kidney failure? Of course not!

But that isn’t what death doctoring is about. It’s just the legal ability to write a lethal prescription.

This article continues at [Life News] He’ll Kill You for $2000 Using California’s New Assisted Suicide Law But He’s Not Even a Cancer Doc

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