The forged "Jesus' Wife" papyrus

Papyrus fragment citing Jesus’ marriage turns out a total forgery

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Prominent New Testament scholars are saying this week that it is time to put to rest an infamous papyrus that suggests Jesus Christ had a wife.

The recent Atlantic article “gives more reason why so many were so skeptical about the claims for this text from the beginning. It points to the fact that when a largely unvetted sensational discovery is announced, time should be given for the dust to settle around those claims,” said Dallas Theological Seminary New Testament Studies professor Darrell Bock to The Christian Post on Friday.

Bock further added that “in this case, it looks like this ‘ancient’ papyrus is worth little more than that settled dust.”

A lengthy piece published in the July/August 2016 issue of the The Atlantic entitled “The Unbelievable Tale Of Jesus’s Wife” investigates the claim made at the Tenth International Congress of Coptic Studies in Rome in September 2012 when Harvard Divinity School professor Karen King presented a fragment of papyri that contains the following phrase: “Jesus said to them, My Wife.” Days after King’s presentation in Italy, a Vatican newspaper called the Coptic fragment an “inept forgery.”

The Atlantic writer Ariel Sabar recounts in his article this “real-life Da Vinci Code” as he details his journey of tracking down the ownership of this hotly-contested fragment.

This article continues at [Christian Post] Bible Scholars Say ‘Jesus Had a Wife’ Papyrus Scrap Is Worthless

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