Parents credit the power of prayer for their 10-year-old daughter coming out of coma

Parents credit the power of prayer for their 10-year-old daughter coming out of coma

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Chloe Clark, the little girl who suffered a severe head injury that left her in a coma, continues to amaze doctors with her miraculous recovery.

Her parents, Jared and Sarah, started posting video updates on Facebook and calling for prayer. Thousands from around the world have joined the #PrayforChloe movement.

In a recent update, her Mom shared more great news and said it’s the prayers that are making the difference for Chloe. 

“We just received the best news,” she posted on Facebook. “The MRI and the CT scan confirmed that the thrombosis is not there anymore!!! She just walked 2 laps around the “wing” and she played ‘Simon Says’ with the physical therapist. Our Chloe is one amazing girl!!! She is requesting a donut. God is continuing to work great things for our family and we are truly thankful!!!”

Earlier this month Chloe was injured in a freak accident when she was hit by a piece of falling plywood at the construction site of her family’s new home in Athens, Ala.

She suffered a concussion, slipped into a coma and doctors put her on a breathing tube after she showed signs of spinal meningitis.

At times, her condition seemed to go from bad to worse, but after the family started calling for prayer she began to turn around.  

“God was working on a miracle when I thought things were headed towards the worst!!!” her parents said in a post on Facebook.

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