[Paul Brian] Men need to prove they matter: Six practical ways for the west to save masculinity

[Paul Brian] Men need to prove they matter: Six practical ways for the west to save masculinity

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[American Conservative] What if the men who obsess over the decline of the West actually helped to restore it? There is no doubt that life is moving at a faster pace than ever before, accelerated by technology and intensified by our growing divisions. But inside the whirlwind lies a burning question: are there still effective ways to promote masculine virtue?

VIDEO: [Rebel Wisdom] Jordan Peterson compares the ‘death of masculinity’ to diminished interest and belief in God: The ideal that man can aspire to is denigrated. [Jan. 5, 2018]

My previous piece on the weak men of the online West triggered some alt-right and racially-inclined individuals, who accused me of “virtue signaling.” Others claimed I was portraying all immigration skeptics as one step away from slaughtering innocents (I never said that). New Zealand terrorist Brenton Tarrant fled in fear from a 48-year-old unarmed congregant who chased him with a credit card machine. Anders Breivik disguised himself as a cop, gunned down an island of defenseless teens, and then surrendered to police, relying on Norway’s lenient justice system. These are cowards, and not just in some vaguely intuited way.

Of course, the vast majority of miserable men never snap and kill others. In fact, statistics show the majority of unhappy or economically depressed males are slowly killing themselves with drugs, drink, and fast food. Nor are such men who waste away necessarily cowardly: in some cases they’ve simply never had the opportunity to show what they’re made of.

Many boys today have grown up in an educational and cultural environment that believes masculine impulses are inherently harmful. Whether it’s heavy drinking, marital infidelity, fighting, bullying, or general selfishness, men have certainly not always displayed admirable traits. But to state that these traits are masculinity itself? That’s a leap. Conversely, men have historically—and in contemporary times too—risen to great heights of heroism, self-sacrifice, and noble strength to defend their families, communities, and faiths. What has changed is not so much the shortcomings of men but the technology that is allowing larger numbers of them not to develop positive masculine qualities that simply had to be developed 100 years ago to survive. Necessity is not only the mother of invention; it is also in many ways the mother of real men.

The chasm between what a man could be and the subtly mocking screen staring listlessly back at him—Nietzsche’s modified abyss of sorts—is a powerful recipe for radicalism. Men have always craved a reason to matter, a mate and a mission. Sadly, today’s generation of boys are being fed prefabricated and juvenile narratives on YouTube channels by pick-up artists or spending hours immersed in video games trying to forget the disappointment they feel.

So how do we fix it? I suggest six practical steps we can take.

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