Reiko Redmonde wears chains during a pro-abortion rally at City Hall in San Francisco, California, January 22, 2013.

Planned Parenthood moves to muzzle Californian’s freedom of speech

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Planned Parenthood is pushing California lawmakers to pass a bill that would criminalize reporters and media outlets that publish undercover video and audio of abortion clinic practices by convicting them as felons.

The unconstitutional bill aimed at silencing the press, Assembly Bill 1671, would ban reporters from reporting on their own recorded conversations and video footage as well as publishing reports on undercover investigations conducted by pro-life advocacy groups.

AB 1671 was authored by Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, D-Los Angeles, who in 2015 was the recipient of Planned Parenthood’s Champion of Choice Award. If passed and signed into law by the state’s Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, reporters could be fined up to $10,000 and sentenced to two to three years in state prison.

The California Newspaper Publishers Association has come out against the bill, noting that it “criminalizes news distribution, imposing an unconstitutional restriction on speech.”

The bill comes in the wake of the Center for Medical Progress’ investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices of illegally harvesting and selling aborted baby body parts to businesses that then sell babies’ tissue, organs and limbs to university research labs.

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