Pro-life bias in the GOP policy he will certainly change, says Trump

The State
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Donald Trump said he would like to change the Republican Party’s platform on abortion to make it less pro-life.

During a nationally televised town hall on the “Today” show this morning, Savannah Guthrie asked him, “The Republican platform every four years has a provision that states that the right of the unborn child shall not be infringed, and it makes no exceptions for rape, for incest, for the life of the mother. Would you want to change the Republican platform to include the exceptions that you have?”

“Yes, I would,” he replied without hesitation. “Yes, I would, absolutely, for the three exceptions. I would.”

Guthrie asked him if he would broaden the instances in which he favored abortion to include “an exception for the health of the mother.”

“I would leave it for the life of the mother,” Trump said, “but I would absolutely have the three exceptions.”

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