Britain's Queen Elizabeth receives flowers and cards from well-wishers during a walk-about to celebrate her 90th birthday, in Windsor, Britain April 21, 2016.

Queen Elizabeth turns 90, crediting Christianity for her stellar reign

The Faith
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Crowds across Britain have gathered on Thursday to celebrate the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, the oldest monarch in the world, who has often spoken out about her strong Christian faith and how central following Jesus Christ is in her life.

Prime Minister David Cameron called her “a rock of strength for our nation,” Reuters reports. And close to 1,000 beacons will be lit later in the day to celebrate the occasion.

“All of us are here to respect the queen and to show her our affection and how much we appreciate all her years of service and to wish her a happy birthday,” said Donna Werner who traveled to the queen’s Windsor Castle home, west of London, all the way from Connecticut to pay her respects.

Cameron added: “Rarely has anyone in public life served for so long, served so brilliantly, worked so hard, and brought so many people together.”

BBC News magazine listed on Wednesday several different reasons for why Elizabeth has been able to live such a long and productive life, noting that her Christian faith and charitable works have played a key role.

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