Report: German Muslim migrants tormenting 40,000 Christian refugees

The Faith
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A new report says up to 40,000 Christian migrants living in German refugee shelters are routinely being harassed for their faith and authorities are trying to downplay the incidents.

“We have to tell the truth,” Markus Rode, head of the German-based organization Open Doors said. 

In cooperation with Kirche in Not, the Action on Behalf of Persecuted Christians and the Needy, and the Central Council for Oriental Christians in Germany, Open Doors released a survey this week documenting violence against Christians fleeing countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan by Muslim migrants.

“Our political leaders have not taken appropriate measures to protect the Christian minority,” Open Doors said in a statement. “The impression that this dramatic development is being suppressed and ignored has solidified.”

According to Germany’s state-run broadcaster, 88 percent of those surveyed said they’d been targeted by other migrants because of their religion. 

This article continues at [CBN] 40,000 Christian Migrants in Germany Harassed for their Faith

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