[Rex Murphy] Groin wax case makes a mockery of true human rights abuse

[Rex Murphy] Groin wax case makes a mockery of true human rights abuse

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[National Post] What has happened to the noble concept of human rights?

VIDEO: [Mandark] Jessica (Jonathan) Yaniv Appears before the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. Yet again, the transgender is crying discrimination. This time he claims to be the victim of a small business woman who refused to provide a female wax on a customer with male body parts. [July 21, 2019]

The concept was most firmly implanted into modern consciousness after the unspeakable cruelties and mass murders of the Nazi regime were fully documented and published to the world. That was the horrid prompt for The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The significance for human safety and dignity were then underlined by the revelations of the degrading torments and horrors of the Soviet gulags under communism. Both were a vast canvass of what a world without human rights looks like.

It is perhaps the saddest story in the world that, since the proclamation, so many states have practised and are practising (Cambodia yesterday, North Korea and China today) terrible incursions on the pure dignity and liberty that belongs to every single human being.

It is also sad that the idea of human rights has become so degraded and trivialized.

Where is this noble idea now, particularly in the comfortable and secure West, in this era of high progressivism?

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