Right-leaning youth movement claims chapters on over 1,000 campuses

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Over the past four years, Turning Point USA has established chapters on more than 1,000 college campuses from coast to coast — where students can be seen championing conservative political ideals that rarely jive with campus politics.

One of the latest indications that the political tide of youth could be shifting from blue to red was witnessed in National Harbor, Maryland. There, hundreds of college students hoisting political slogans and handing out “Big Government Sucks” buttons and stickers rallied around the Turning Point stage and display tables at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

At the conference in Maryland — a state where Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump beat Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) by a landslide in Tuesday’s primary — Creighton University student Justin Carrizales asserted that conservatives need to learn from the successful campaigning of the Democrats over the past two elections if they don’t want to suffer a third consecutive loss in the White House race.

“The thing we’re trying to do is get out there, be that ground game that Obama was doing in 2008 and 2012 and getting out there, being on campuses and hitting the liberals where it hurts,” Carrizales told CBN News.

Turning Point Founder Charlie Kirk realized when he started his organization four years ago as a high school senior that conservative leaders across the country could not tell him that there were enough resources out there to effectively inform and reach out to youth with conservative ideals.

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