Romania’s churches unite to protect the sacrament of marriage

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An alliance of Christian churches and family groups has signed three million Romanians to an initiative to enshrine natural marriage in the nation’s constitution.

The initiative, if successful, would add this: “A family is established through the free-willed marriage between one man and one woman, and is based upon their equality and their right and their duty to provide for the raising, the education and the training of the children.”

Peter Costea, a Houston, Texas lawyer and international spokesman for the Coalition for Family, told LifeSiteNews the project still must make it over several difficult hurdles. “To get a successful citizen’s initiative through is extremely difficult,” he said.

The alliance surmounted the first obstacle with room to spare. The three million signatures were six times what was required. As well, organizers had to gather 20,000 names in at least half the country’s 42 counties, but they surpassed that number in all of them.

Costea attributes this to the involvement of all the churches, especially the Eastern Orthodox, which comprises 81 percent of the population. “This was tried in 2006 and failed,” he said. “It was just the evangelicals behind it then but now all the churches support it.”

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