Sorry, boys, you can't be called the Stallions anymore, it's sexist

Sorry, boys, you can’t be called the Stallions anymore, it’s sexist

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A school district in Kentucky has canceled the school’s “Stallions” mascot after a petition from the community argued that the mascot was “inappropriate and sexist.”

The petition, which garnered just over 200 signatures, was successful in its efforts to have the Fayette County school district changed the new Frederick Douglass High School’s mascot from the “Stallions” to something more appropriate for female sports teams.

This is inappropriate and sexist when you consider the definition from “YourDictionary” …”The definition of a stallion is a male horse that has not been castrated, used for breeding or is slang for a powerful and virile man who has a lot of lovers” and from Wikipedia…”because of their instincts as herd animals, they may be prone to aggressive behavior, particularly toward other stallions, and thus require careful management by knowledgeable handlers. However, with proper training and management, stallions are effective equine athletes at the highest levels of many disciplines.”

Superintendent Manny Caulk announced on Tuesday that the high school would get rid of the stallion mascot in favor of a more gender-neutral horse mascot, which he believes will be more appropriate as a symbol for the several female sports teams that Frederick Douglass High School will field.

Despite the seemingly harmless nature of the mascot, Caulk felt it necessary to claim that the never intended to offend any members of their community with the choice:

This article continues at [Breitbart] High School Forced to Change Mascot over Accusation ‘Stallions’ Is ‘Sexist’

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