Student doubts growing that a college degree will lead to a good job

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It’s graduation season and many high school seniors are counting the hours until they can walk across the stage and turn the corner toward college and career.

But as a new survey out of the United Kingdom suggests, those graduates are likely to be less bright-eyed and full of hope than graduates before them.

Many of today’s graduates believe that a college degree isn’t the path to success they’ve been promised or worth the cost. The Guardian explains:

“Less than half of students are confident that their university education will secure them a graduate-level job that will enable them to pay off their debts, according to new research. A survey of more than 2,000 students found that 48% were either confident or very confident that their education would pay for itself in the future, with 24% saying they were either unconfident or not confident at all.”

Asked about paying higher fees at a more expensive university in the expectation of getting a better job afterwards, only 22% of students felt it would be worthwhile, and almost half of students surveyed disagreed entirely.”

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