Sultan of Brunei brings back stoning for gays - and that's fine with U.S. Islamic scholar

Sultan of Brunei brings back stoning for gays – and that’s fine with U.S. Islamic scholar

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[Daily Caller] An American scholar of Islam publicly praised the Sultan of Brunei for instituting death by stoning for “rectum-sex enthusiasts” in accordance with Sharia law.

VIDEO: [BBC News] Brunei punishes gay sex with death. [Apr 3, 2019]

Daniel Haqiqatjou, a Harvard alumnus and scholar of Islam, wrote an article on social media Saturday in which he fawned over the Sultan of Brunei for instituting the death penalty for “rectum-sex enthusiasts.” He urged other Muslim countries to follow suit. Haqiqatjou founded the Alasna Institute, which provides training in Islamic apologetics, and has been featured in articles on CNN, The Washington Post, Al Jazeera, The Atlantic and First Things.

“If you have had a rough week or are feeling down in the dumps, I have just the news to cheer you up. The Muslim country of Brunei is implementing hudud to crack down on sodomites and fornicators!”  Haqiqatjou wrote on his website MuslimSkeptic, using the Arabic word meaning “punishments mandated by God.”

“The Sharia protects all of our rights, individually and communally. When rectum-sex enthusiasts are allowed to promote their gender-bending degeneracy openly, that deeply harms all of us,” he added.

Haqiqatjou also mocked politicians and celebrities proposing boycotts of Brunei-owned hotels and businesses, and suggested that Muslims should counteract boycotts by frequenting Brunei. He also suggested that Muslims from western nations go to Brunei to witness public canings so that they could learn what is, in his view, the proper way to implement Sharia.

“I think Muslims need to counteract any boycott by making Brunei their next vacation destination spot,” Haqiqatjou wrote. “Maybe some of these expensive spiritual tourism tours led by shuyukh can make Brunei the next go-to site, maybe attend a caning or two so Western Muslims can experience first hand what implementing hudud actually means. Just a thought.”

“By the way, how silly that these Western politicians and celebrities can’t stand it that a Muslim country implements the Sharia,” he added. “They are frothing with anger. Isn’t it great?”

This article continues at [Daily Caller] US Islamic Scholar Praises Brunei’s Death Penalty For Homosexuality

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  1. Who cares? Let them. They way gays are behaving here I could care less what happens to them.

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