Ted Byfield: Alberta's education minister lets slip his disdain for parental rights

[Ted Byfield] Alberta’s education minister lets slip his disdain for parental rights

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It surely would seem wise these days for people who live in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario to pay close attention to the language being used by their ministers of education, and the people under contract to assist them. In Alberta, particularly, the socialist government is planning what they see as the momentous changes ever made in the school curriculum. We should watch carefully the language and terminology they use. And when the language is purposely obscure, it is the clear responsibility of the opposition to force them to define it.

Last month, for instance, the Education Minister David Eggen introduced bills forcing both Catholic and Protestant schools to follow a sex education policy which is seriously at odds with Christian teaching. They are now being threatened with de-funding, which would probably mean closed down, if they disobey.

Twice in brief interviews that preceded the introduction of the legislation, Eggen said schools would be prohibited by law from “outing” students by informing the parents that their son or daughter had joined one of the sex clubs being promoted by the government throughout the public school system. Now what does Eggen mean by “outing?” He didn’t tell us. We’re supposed to know. To “out” a thing means to make it known to the public at large.

I know this point has been made before, but I think it needs to be emphasized because it discloses something about this man that the electors should be acutely aware of. If to “out” somebody means to tell the public at large, and if telling a parent means “outing” the student, then this must mean that in the minister’s view there is nothing unique in the parent-child relationship. He thinks the parent’s interest in the child and the interest of the general public amount to the same thing.

So there’s nothing special about parents. That’s what his use of the word “outs” tells us. It also tells us he’s a very dangerous man, especially in the education portfolio. And since he’s almost certainly unaware of the implications of what he’s saying, this makes him foolish as well, and therefore doubly dangerous.

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  1. It has been very disappointing to hear that the Calgary Catholic School Board is OK with what Eggen is bringing to bear. Maybe I’m wrong – I hope I’m wrong. This is just another way to wrest control from parents who want to maintain their responsibility for their own children. The socialist/Marxist agenda continues to move on, and few are standing up against it. Maybe few really care any more. No resistance just means “keep on doing what you’re doing!” Ted, you’ve nailed it once more.

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