Ted Byfield: Mystery: Why did Alberta’s opposition and press suppress a big story?

Ted Byfield: Mystery: Why did Alberta’s opposition and press suppress a big story?

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If Jason Kenney is to rescue Alberta from its current dangerous dabble in socialism, he must accomplish three things– First, to gain the leadership of the old Progressive Conservative Party. Second, to somehow unite it and the conservative Wildrose party into a single conservative movement. Third, to defeat the socialist New Democratic Party in the next election.

Last week, he achieved his first goal, defeating two rival contenders and winning the PC leadership with 75% of the delegate vote. The second goal will be more difficult. Sizeable numbers of PCs bitterly blame the Wildrose for splitting the right and terminating more than four decades of Tory rule. Meanwhile, equally bitter Wildrosers blame the PCs for effectually writing off their whole socially conservative wing. So it’s possible that one or both of the old parties might run candidates in the next election. again splitting the right. However, a vote for either one of them is effectually a vote to keep the NDP in power. Even we politically inastute Albertans aren’t quite that stupid. So if the right is in some way united, the NDP is doomed. Such is the popular view.

However, as I was forewarned last week by my old friend Ric Dolphin, who authors the highly informative weekly newsletter Insight Into Government, this scenario makes a fundamental assumption that is deeply flawed. Seeing this coming, he asks, why would the NDP not call an early election before Kenney can get things up and running? My only answer was that Albertans would perceive this as crass opportunism, and reject it. I could see, however, that Dolphin had no such confidence in the political sagacity, not to say integrity, of his fellow Albertans and he sees an early election as altogether likely.

Meanwhile, the chaos and uncertainty in the ranks of the opposition saved the career of one senior member of the NDP cabinet, notably the minister of education, David Eggen. As described here last week, a parents’ organization discovered that students as young as six in the government-promoted sex clubs were being given lessons in oral sex, masturbation and possible physical positions for homosexual activity. The minister’s office hastened to remove it from the site, though by then the parents had recorded it. Go to: https://informedalbertans.wordpress.com/2017/03/13/alberta-government-funds-website-directing-k-12-kids-to-sexually-graphic-content/

The facts of the case were not disputed. The site, aimed at students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, is run for the Department of Education by the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies at the University of Alberta, and by its faculty director, Dr. Kris Wells. The offensive material was linked to the site from something called “Fruit Loop,” which had donated $1,000 to the institute. If parents generally became widely aware that the government was promoting such things, that would soon be the end of the school website, the sex clubs, the government’s contract with Dr, Wells, and almost certainly of the minister of education himself.

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