The amazingly perceptive C.S. Lewis predicted the fall of our schools

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In the past few years, various reports have surfaced regarding the gifted and talented students being left behind in our school systems.

First there was the report that parents were taking their children out of the Minneapolis education system and personally driving them to other school districts. The reason? The Minneapolis district was focusing on those lagging behind and not giving gifted children the tools they needed to excel.

Then there was the report from Jay Matthews in The Washington Post explaining how many gifted and talented children are viewed as nuisances and held back from success.  

Furthermore, recent research found that when compared to other nations, the U.S. has a very low percentage of high achievers. For example, 40 percent of Singapore’s students received top scores on the math portion of the international PISA exam, but less than 10 percent of U.S. students were able to do the same.

Oddly enough, C.S. Lewis foresaw this trend away from gifted education when he wrote Screwtape Proposes a Toast in 1959.

This article continues at [Intellectual Takeout] C.S. Lewis’ Uncanny Foresight on the Decline of Education

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