The demand for Christian literature is said to be soaring across Asia

The demand for Christian literature is said to be soaring across Asia

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There is demand for Christian literature in India and the market is expanding: says to Fides, Fr. Saju Chackalackal, Carmelite of Mary Immaculate (CMI) and director for the evangelization and pastoral care of his congregation.

Many, both educated people, and the people of villages and cities, express their desire to obtain and own a copy of the Bible and in particular the New Testament. There is a widespread desire to have access to Christian literature that helps the faithful to have a clear and thorough idea about the contents of faith of Christianity and the Catholic Church in particular”, notes Fr. Chackalackal.

The priest reported that Carmelite missionaries and other congregations require Bibles and Christian literature to give to people, Christian and non-Christian, who sincerely seek to know more about Jesus Christ, he said.

Given the increasing number of requests, the funds at the disposal of our department of evangelization and pastoral care are insufficient, especially if we think of the missions of North India”, remarks Fr. Saju.

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