The end of the Syrian civil war may finally be at hand

The end of the Syrian civil war may finally be at hand

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Daesh fighters are now trapped: the Lebanese army has begun to move on the mountainous Jurud, not far from the border with Syria. On the other side of the border there is at the same time an attack by the Syrian army supported by Hezbollah fighters. The day before yesterday, the Lebanese army’s artillery hit the bases of Daesh Islamic terrorists causing dead and injured. The militias advanced by reclaiming the land from the mines dispersed prior to the retreat of the fighters in Kehouf, their last refuge in Lebanon.

Before the impossibility of escape, Daesh fighters called for a ceasefire that the military commander refused to grant before obtaining information about hostages kidnapped at Ersal and still in Daesh’s hands.

A statement released yesterday by the Lebanese Chief of State office spoke of “a quick success in the execution of the two phases of the operation ‘Fajr el Jurud (Alba dei Jurud)’ and that the army is preparing to pass to the third and final phase “.

The liberation of the Syrian border with Jordan, with Iraq and now with Lebanon, closes the supply routes in men and means for Islamic terrorism. Their weakness marks the beginning of the end of the war in Syria.

Also yesterday Syrian troops together with Lebanese Hezbollah have managed to free Kornet Shaabet Ekko on the border with Lebanon, during the “If you return we will return” operation, a joint military action on both sides of the border that sees a collaborative effort between Damascus and Beirut, for the first time since the beginning of the Syrian war.

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