A bombed out church in Iraq. Christians are being driven to extinction.

There’s no such thing as ‘moderate’ Islam, veteran Iraqi priest warns

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Islamic State (IS) members “are following sharia, Quran, word by word,” stated Iraqi Catholic Chaldean priest Douglas Bazi at Washington, DC’s Catholic Information Center(CIC) during a May 10 presentation.  His comments, part of an American speaking tour that included a Heritage Foundation panel the next day, gave an unusually frank assessment of Islam’s inherently dangerous aspects born of bitter personal experience.

Bazi has previously been similarly politically incorrect, telling a 2015 conference in Italy that “there’s no such thing as moderate Islam.”  “When Islam lives amidst you, the situation might appear acceptable,” he stated to his European audience facing an increasing Islamic societal presence, “[b]ut when one lives amidst Muslims, everything becomes impossible.”  “Wake up!  The cancer is at your door.  They will destroy you.  We, the Christians of the Middle East are the only group that has seen the face of evil:  Islam.”

The IS “represents Islam one hundred percent,” Bazi told his Italian audience, a message he continued at CIC qualifying that “I am not here pushing you to hate Islam or Muslims….We are saying the truth, not more, not less.”  He noted that IS jihadists normally attack before two p.m. in the belief that they will then lunch with Islam’s prophet Muhammad.  One sheikh criticized the IS, not for any human rights abuses like its 2014 24-hour ultimatum to Mosul Christians, but for killing people other than by beheading.

If the IS is so un-Islamic, Bazi questioned, why are so many non-Muslims like Americans necessary to defeat it, a fact that called into question Muslim protestations of their faith’s benign character.  Muslims addressing Western audiences “are telling you what you like to hear from them,” but beyond Western attention the “real devil is there,” as shown by practices similar to IS behavior throughout Islam’s 1,400 year history.  While American Muslims “in front of camera, they are really nice,” countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia exhibit behaviors like religious discrimination and execution by beheading reminiscent of the IS.

“To be Christian in Iraq, it’s impossible mission,” Bazi stated earlier in his American tour concerning himself and his Chaldean Catholic Church, known through a long history of persecution as the “Church of Martyrs.”  “We cannot live peacefully among people who are taught to hate us for our religion” and who believe “that we are infidels and our heads should be cut off,” he noted in 2015.  By contrast, absent such coercion, “if one part of the constitution in Iraq would change that would give the people freedom of religion, Islam would be the minority.”

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