Anti-Trump hysteria has convulsed some of  America's once-sane pundits

They’re joining the movement to overthrow the historic working of the electoral college

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This is just sad.

The impact of Trump Trauma keeps getting worse.

Now journalists who I respect are so desperate to stop the president-elect at all costs that they are putting their prestige behind a fringe movement.

I wasn’t going to write about the cockamamie scheme to get the members of the Electoral College to deny Donald Trump the victory he won at the polls. The vote, which takes place Monday, is nothing but a technicality, with the electors expected to support the candidate who carried their state. Sometimes one or two cast a protest vote, but that’s it.

But now some Democrats are saying that if we can just get 37 GOP electors to flip, we can keep Trump out of the White House and install someone else.

That really would amount to stealing the election from the guy who won it fair and square, Russian hackers be damned. It would be a hijacking of democracy, a tiny group stripping the votes of the 60 million Americans who elected Trump by saying we have to save you from yourselves.

And it’s intellectually insulting to try to justify it.

This article continues at [Fox News] Crazytown: How even some pundits want Trump electors to go rogue

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