Trump's lightning actions throw Washington into a frenzy of anxiety

Trump’s lightning actions throw Washington into a frenzy of anxiety

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Two weeks into his presidency, Donald Trump has thrown Washington into a state of anxious uncertainty.

Policy pronouncements sprout up from the White House in rapid succession.

Some have far-reaching implications, most notably Trump’s temporary refugee and immigration ban, but others disappear without explanation, including planned executive actions on cybersecurity and the president’s demand for an investigation into unsubstantiated voter fraud.

The day’s agenda can quickly be overtaken by presidential tweets, which often start flashing on smartphones just as the nation’s capital is waking up.

“The last two weeks feel like six months,” said Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky.

Indeed, the effect on Washington — as well as the network of lobbyists, businesses and other interest groups that orbit the political power centers — has been dizzying, beyond the normal commotion that typically accompanies a White House transition. One official compared it to walking through a sandstorm, grasping for a moment of clarity.

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