Trump’s win reveals an ugly truth about Republicans

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There are many reasons why Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. The four most-often cited reasons are the frustrations of white working-class Americans, a widespread revulsion against political correctness, disenchantment with the Republican establishment, and the unprecedented and unrivaled amount of time the media afforded Trump.

They are all valid.

But the single biggest reason is this: The majority of Republicans are not conservative.

Conservatives who opposed Trump kept arguing — indeed, provided unassailable proof — that Trump is not a conservative and has never been one. But the argument meant little or nothing to two types of Republicans: the majority of Trump voters who don’t care whether he is a conservative, and the smaller number of Trump voters who are conservative, but care about illegal immigration more than all other issues, including his many and obvious failings.

So, then, what happened to the majority of Republicans? Why aren’t they conservative?

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