U.S. gov’t report shows that 20 million people still live as slaves

The State
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The U.S. government released its annual human trafficking report Thursday, drawing praise but also some criticism for allegedly giving some offending countries a political pass.

“When we talk about ‘human trafficking,’ we’re talking about slavery – modern-day slavery that still today claims more than 20 million victims on any given time,” Secretary of State John Kerry stated at the report’s ceremony on June 30.

“And all 20 million are people just like everybody here. They have names. They have or had families in many cases,” he continued. “And they are forced to endure a hell – a living hell in modern times that no human being should ever have to experience.”

The Trafficking-in-Persons report is an annual update on human trafficking in 188 countries and territories worldwide, published by the U.S. State Department and created with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000.

A global refugee crisis and violent conflicts have created whole populations who are vulnerable to be trafficked as sex slaves, wage slaves, or child soldiers, the report said. There are over 20 million trafficking victims worldwide, Secretary Kerry noted.

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