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United Methodists’ about-face to the right isolates Methodist Hillary

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The 2016 presidential race, like all presidential races, has raised questions and controversies regarding the religious faiths of the candidates. Donald Trump’s beliefs have been questioned, as were Ted Cruz’s. And trying to pin down Bernie Sanders’ views on God is very difficult. But that said, recent developments just occurred with the United Methodist Church that should focus the spotlight on Hillary Clinton’s religious thinking. They constitute two crucial moves that stand in direct opposition to Clinton’s longtime militancy for “abortion rights” and her growing radicalism for the “LGBTQ” political agenda, including her recent full-fledged support of same-sex marriage after years of insisting that marriage is between one man and woman in accordance with tradition and Scripture.

Every four years the United Methodist Church general assembly meets, where ongoing doctrine is determined by democratic vote among those assembled. A battleground at these conferences erupts between the American liberals who for decades have tugged the church leftward and the more orthodox/conservative African delegation looking to keep the church committed to its historic beliefs. Two conferences ago, the liberals deliberately held critical votes on the hot-button moral-social matters before the Africans got there. Traditional Methodists since have worked with the Africans to ensure they are never again circumvented.

Thus, the 2016 conference has been much anticipated, with everyone waiting to see if the United Methodist Church would change the church’s long-held beliefs on natural-Biblical marriage and what it would do on abortion. As to the latter, the United Methodist Church lurched left some time ago, joining the scandalous Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC), a group of left-wing religious believers convinced that Jesus Christ would honor their affirmation of a sacred “right to choose.” This group is a great embarrassment to Christianity by Christians—though not to a Christian named Hillary Clinton. As someone who wrote an entire book on the faith of Hillary Clinton, I can attest that one of the reasons she is “so comfortable” (her words) in the United Methodist Church has been the church’s abortion liberalism.

But alas, that has suddenly changed.

There was major news at the United Methodist Church’s gathering at the conference this year in Portland. The liberals did not succeed in shutting out the huge contingent of Africans from their rightful representation. The denomination’s growth has occurred in Africa, where it is exploding, contrary to America. One source told me that “overseas delegates” made up 41% of the delegates this year, and that the crucial victories would have been “impossible without them.” One such victory came when the assembly voted overwhelmingly (and surprisingly) to withdraw from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. The conference also rejected a resolution titled “Responsible Parenthood,” which would have once again further advanced “abortion rights” in the name of John Wesley.

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