US feds caught lying to promote the transgender agenda?

US feds caught lying to promote the transgender agenda?

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When two top government agencies claimed “a growing chorus” of parents, educators, and students were demanding transgenders be allowed to use the school facilities of their choice, it appears that statement was a gross exaggeration, perhaps even a lie.

Earlier this year, the Obama administration threatened to withhold federal funding to schools unless they allow students who claim to be transgender to use the bathroom or locker room of their choice.

The Department of Education posted a blog saying a there was a growing demand from “growing chorus of educators, parents, and students around the country” on the the need for federal guidance on the issue. The Justice Department posted a similar blog.

However, according to the non-profit group Public Advocate, the phrase “growing chorus” is enormously misleading. Upon receiving a requested Freedom of Information Act documentation, the group reports that only six citizens wrote letters demanding privileges be granted to people who claim to be transgender.

Six. In addition to the six letters, the DOE also received 27 pre-written form letters from people supporting the measure.

“Public Advocate has now exposed the lies underlying this lawless transgendered bathroom decree,” Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio said. “Two Obama departments claimed that in opening the girls bathroom and showers to boys that it was acting in response to the requests of a ‘growing chorus of educators, parents, and students’ who demanded it. But we now know that this claim is a fraud upon the American people.”

This article continues at [CBN News] One Big Lie? The ‘Exaggeration’ that Forced the Transgender Issue on Schools

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