Van Maren: Making families the enemy mimics Resident School philosophy


Earlier this week, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley informed us what her opinion of Alberta parents is by claiming that parents knowing what their children were up to at school would be “super-cruel.” Notley believes that government employees have far more love and compassion for students than their parents do, and thus especially charged issues like sexuality should be left to the state.

And now her infamous Education Minister David Eggen, who is already responsible for exposing students to all sorts of repulsive pornography and vile sex advice, has come out to condemn politicians who think parents have a right to know what their children are doing when they are away from home with government employees as “extremist.” From the CBC:

“Dangerous political rhetoric” is forcing the province to introduce legislation making it illegal for schools to out students who join gay-straight alliances, says Alberta’s education minister.

“These are safe environments for students, and if they choose to stay confidential about participating in a GSA then that should be the case,” David Eggen said in an interview Thursday with CBC Radio’s Edmonton AM.

“We’ve had some dangerous rhetoric from Jason Kenney and other UCP MLAs, suggesting that they would out students who did participate in a GSA, so we would make that illegal.”

Kenny, a United Conservative Party leadership candidate, said in August that “parents have a right to know” when their child joins a GSA, unless there is evidence the parents are abusive.

Again, it’s so important to recognize what is going on here. Notley and Eggen may appear reasonable at first glance—if you don’t consider what it is that they’re really saying. The unavoidable and undeniable insinuation of their statement that keeping parents informed of their children’s activities is “extremist” and “dangerous” and should be “illegal” is that parents actually pose a genuine danger to their own children.

Obviously, abusive parents do exist. That is why Jason Kenney added a proviso concerning genuinely abusive parents. But what Eggen is suggesting here is that all of Alberta’s parents should be kept in the dark regarding the lives and struggles of their children, and that these parents are so potentially dangerous that it should actually be illegal to tell parents what is going on. As John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms pointed out, the idea is ridiculous:

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